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All natural products by Bottega Organica

Bottega Organic's Christopher Street store.
Bottega Organic's Christopher Street store.
Bottega Organic

Bottega Organica is a revolutionary vegan and 100% organic collection of skincare products that go beyond your everyday "natural product" line. Created by a group of doctors and Dr. Andrea Alimonti while studying anti-tumor therapies, Alimonti developed a screening method to detect anti-aging properties in natural ingredients. After screening thousands he identified a handful of “Natural Inhibitors of Senescence” (NIS): natural substances with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. Tested on human cell lines, these substances prolong cellular life and slow aging by inhibiting different types of cellular senescence and rejuvenate cells by regulating genes.

Bottega Organica uses the purest and finest organic ingredients including olives, lavender, sage and chamomile. These ingredients grow wild on uncontaminated land in the coastal regions of Liguria, Italy.

This clean skincare line doesn't produce any creams or lotions, just oils extracted from olives using a cold press. The doctors leading the Bottega Organica team believe that synthetic skin products carry health risks and may penetrate the skin, reach the bloodstream and spread throughout the body with potentially harmful effects.

Bottega Organica has a store located in the West Village at 117 Christopher Street and their line includes everything from face and body products to hair and lip oils.

Not in New York? Shop Bottega Organica here.