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All natural healing with comfrey


Comfrey for millions of years has long been recognized as a natural herbal remedy that has been used from everything from poultices for healing wounds to teas for healing ulcers and enabling sleep. But what exactly is comfrey?

Considered an herb from the Boraginaceae family (heliotrope and forget-me-nots are also members of this family) it is also known by different names like Knitback, Boneset, Knitbone or Bruisewort and is considered a powerful healer. The use of comfrey can help soothe pain from burns, slow down further damage to tissues, fast forward the production of cartilage, tendons and muscles, quickly and efficiently rebuild damaged blood and skin, treat bronchial ailments, help treat acne, assist in the healing of fractured bones and alleviate arthritis. How could one little herb be so effective in treating so many different ailments across such a broad spectrum?

Comfrey contains naturally allantoin which is a chemical that promotes rapid cell growth and wound healing as well as being a natural skin soother and anti irritant and allows the natural peeling of dead skin layers to reveal smoother softer skin. Comfrey also contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Vitamins A: Needed for bone growth and tissue development.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): Good for the nervous system to function properly.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Needed for the growth of red blood cells and skin

Vitamin B3 (Niacin): Good for healthy circulation.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Needed for cell energy.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Helps the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin): Good for healthy cell growth and division and nerve function.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Produces collagen and prevents long term tissue damage.

Calcium: Needed for proper muscle and bone function and for blood to clot normally.

Phosphorous: Works hand in hand with calcium.

Potassium: Needed for proper muscle contractions.

Chromium: Helps regulate blood glucose.

Cobalt: Needed for the formation of red blood cells.

Copper: An antioxidant that also keeps the immune system, bones and blood vessels healthy.

Magnesium: Good for cell function, formation of bones and muscle contractions.

Iron: Good for the transfer of oxygen in the body and as part of a healthy immune system.

Manganese: Needed for healthy bone formation and proper functioning muscles.

Sodium: Needed for proper muscle and nerve function and digestion.

Sulphur: Good for the formation of cartilage and tissue.

Molybdenum Zinc: Good for healthy growth.

So basically what you will find in comfrey is the 13 out of the 15 essential minerals and 9 out of the 13 essential vitamins needed for the body to function properly according to the American Dietetic Association. Unfortunately comfrey does contain some harmful elements, namely pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which are toxic for oral consumption (and illegal for such in many countries including the US). Because of this the European Plant Variety Office has approved one plant for safe usage called the Trauma Comfrey which is cultivated exclusively to be free of PAs. Since you can't specifically grow this type of comfrey in your backyard or want to cultivate when you're in pain your absolute best alternative would be to try is Traumaplant.

Traumaplant is a a chemical free topical cream that is made of the leaves and blossoms and stems of the Trauma Comfrey plant and is safe for daily usage as needed and was recently the subject of a new book 'The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey' by Dr. Holly Lucille ND, RN. Dr. Holly Lucille is a naturopathic doctor as well as a registered nurse who focuses her life and practice around the individual wellness of people using naturopathic medicine. 'The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey' discusses the history of comfrey and how comfrey has been used throughout the centuries. You'll also learn about the efficacy of comfrey in healing and treating the body and the many ailments we subject it to as well as documented research studies.

Traumaplant can be purchased locally at Paradise Organics located in Newburgh, IN or at Gene's Health Foods and Clark's Health & Nutrition both located in Ownesboro, KY. For additional listings visit EuroPharma.

For more information about Dr. Holly Lucille and her work in naturopathic medicine visit and also visit her blog at where she discuss the wonders of comfrey and Traumaplant. 'The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey' can be purchased by clicking here.

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