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All natural body scrubs from new indie company, Trinity Spa Products

Trinity Spa Products

There is one thing that the beauty industry drastically needs and that's a really good sugar/salt scrub. Not just one that smells good when you apply it, but one that actually works. One that has enough sugar/salt in it that will slough off the dead skin cells on the body but also leaves behind super soft skin and entices the senses with a great smell. A good sugar/salt scrub is also strong enough to bring out your healthy skin but at the same time gentle enough to not cause a reaction to your skin because it's too harsh. Basically a great scrub turns your bathroom into your won private spa.

Enter Trinity Spa Products. Trinity Spa is an all new indie company based out of Illinois that was created in 2013. The owner, Patricia Vaughn's inspiration to create Trinity Spa came from her niece’s inability to full enjoy a spa experience due to a long list of allergies she suffered from. After researching several products she found that not all the products contain natural ingredients that wouldn't harm the skin. With this thought in hand. Patricia set out to create a spa line that was solely made using all natural ingredients that wouldn't trigger any of her allergies.

With a perfect blend of sugar that's not too coarse on the skin or super grainy and just enough oils to create a silky smooth moisture barrier on your skin, Trinity Spa Products are an indulgent experience you don't want to miss. Currently there are only two scent available for women (lemon and peppermint) but more scents will be added with time.

The Trinity Spa Products aren't just for women. Patricia has also created an exclusive line for men, the Trinity Spa Pour Homme collection that features a salt based exfoliant with a deep woodsy masculine scents. Since the line was formed for her niece, Patricia also created a line exclusively for young girls, the Trinity Spa Lil Bubbles (the company's namesake's nickname) collection with features sugar exfoliants in pink lemonade and peppermint patticake.

Trinity Spa will also be hosting spa parties in the near future. These are a great alternative to a girls' night out, bachelorette parties, birthday parties...the ideas are limitless!

For more information about Trinity Spa Products and to order online visit Trinity Spa at

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