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All-natural (and affordable!) ways to kill household bugs

All-natural ways to kill bugs
All-natural ways to kill bugs

Stop spending money on poison to kill household bugs! Sure, no one wants to deal with creepy crawly bugs, but it's also not a good idea to spray harmful chemicals that children or pets may come in contact with. All-natural alternatives are a great way to save money and eliminate the danger of using toxic chemicals. Plus, you'll be using items that you probably have at home already.

Cornmeal - Use cornmeal to kill ants. It works! Cornmeal has a sweet taste that ants cannot resist, but also can't digest. Sprinkle a bit of cornmeal where you see ants. They'll eat the cornmeal, carry it off and feed it to other ants, and then die.

Garlic - Garlic repels more than just vampires, it will repel ants and cockroaches, too! Leave a few garlic cloves where you've seen the insects, and the bugs will run in the opposite direction. Replace the cloves when they dry out.

Vegetable oil - Kill household bugs like earwigs and silverfish by pouring vegetable oil to a shallow dish. The bugs won't be able to climb back out once they enter, and will die a slippery death.

Basil -You already know that fresh basil is delicious is many of your favorite recipes, but did you also know it's great for repelling bugs naturally? Snip a few fresh leaves and hang them in doorways to repel mosquitos and flies.

Cayenne pepper - Get rid of bugs attached to household plants with a little cayenne pepper. In a spray bottle, combine the pepper with water, and add a few drops of dish soap. Spray plant leaves with the mixture, and it will kill any bugs that are attached.

Eucalyptus oil - Use this essential oil to kill cockroaches, spiders, and other small insects. It is non-toxic, and leaves a pleasant smell behind. To use, combine the oil with water and store in a spray bottle. When you see the bug, spray it with the mixture. The insect will die almost immediately.

Sticky candy - Place a few gumdrops on a mouse trap to lure mice. Any sticky candy will do - Mice can't resist it! Just make sure you only use this where it is out the sight of young children.

Diatomaceous Earth - If you've never heard of diatomaceous earth, you're not alone. It's a mouthful to say, but a handy substance to have to kill household bugs and garden pests. DE (short for diatomaceous earth) is a powdery substance that can be used to kill fleas, ants, spiders, and other insects. Look for food-grade DE, which can be used safely all over the house to kill bugs naturally.

Vinegar - Mist white distilled vinegar in the kitchen to kill and repel small insects. Vinegar is completely safe to use around food, but is strong enough to put a quick end to an indoor bug problem.

Table salt - A handful of salt costs just a few cents, but it will go a long way at killing insects like slugs or moths. Sprinkle the salt directly on the bugs and wait. You can also use salt to deter ants from entering through small spaces. Simply pour the salt where you see the ants..

Remember, you won't have to go through the trouble of killing household bugs if you can find a way to keep them out. One way to do that is to take away what attracts them in the first place. Clean up any food and beverage spills immediately. Don't store pet food dishes on the floor. And remember to seal up any cracks that may allow bugs indoors in the first place.

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