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“All Nations Will Come and Worship!”(Revelation 15:4)

“All Nations Will Come and Worship!”(Revelation 15:4)
“All Nations Will Come and Worship!”(Revelation 15:4)

“Who will not fear you, Lord, and bring glory to your name? For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.”(Revelation 15:4)

Airplanes, cars, and trains are examples of transportation. All these forms are used for travel. Destinations can be short or for long distances. Travelers have a goal in mind and make choice on the best option to reach it. Some may discover that their choice was not the best way. Another mode would have been the most sufficient. Other benefits would have been reaped from the journey by choosing another way to the final destination.

God created every human being to be a on a spiritual journey. He has given a specific way to reach Him. The destination to God and Heaven is through Jesus Christ, His only Son. Jesus is the only way. People from around the world have made choices to find their own way to God. Their religion or idol worship is considered by God to be the wrong way to Him. God is the goal. He designed the Way to Himself. Jesus is sufficient to get all who choose Him to the final destination.

God has promised that people from every nation, language, and tribe would make the best and only choice to Him, Jesus. They will be His worshippers throughout eternity. They will tell others about this Way and encourage them to make the choice to believe. Believers become travelers on a journey with the Lord. The benefits are first and foremost forgiveness of sin and life forever with the only God.

Believers, be a travel agent for God and the Lord Jesus. Tell as many as would listen about the Way and help them choose Heaven as the final destination. All the peoples of the Earth must hear of the good news that sufficiently helps them reach God. Their efforts that are wasted on religion can turn into joy and relief when receiving the truth. Their journey becomes less cumbersome as God facilitates the relationship with His love.