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“All My Children” Fans Remembers Soap During Facebook Event, September 23

September 23rd marks the anniversary of the sad day in which “All My Children” left the television airwaves in the year 2011. This was the day when viewers were left wondering who was shot when it appeared that J.R. Chandler fired his gun at the same time that Erica Kane was walking in the direction that the bullet could have been headed toward.

In the online version of the show that later air on the Internet it was J.R. that ended up being hit by the bullet after a fight over the gun began with his ex-father-in-law, David. However, that may not have been the original idea behind that storyline. Only the original writers know what they had planned.

As for the viewers, the show was never same even though it did air for a short time on the Internet. Many of the stars such as Susan Lucci, who played Erica Kane, were never seen again playing their beloved characters and other characters were added to the canvas. This gave the show a new feel. The Internet also gave it a faster pace. Some fans like this newer style. But all fans agreed that it wasn’t the same “All My Children.”

For this reason when fans think of “All My Children” they think of Erica Kane in her many stages of life from being a teenager to being a bride several times over and over, again. They think of Doctor Joe. They think of Tad the Cad. They think of Dixie. They think of Jenny and Greg. They think of Kendall and Zack.

On September 23, 2014, many of these fans are going to share these many memories together. They are going to do this even though they are many miles apart in reality. They are going to do this through the social media site, “Facebook” and the page: “True Blue Soap Tuesday.” This is an all-day event in which true blue or sad “All My Children” fans can share memories of this show together. They can post selfies of themselves wearing true blue clothing.

These fans also want to further the event by including Twitter into the event. They want fans to tweet about “All My Children” all day long. They want the All My Children to become a trending hashtag that day.

If you are a true Blue All My Children fan and want to take part in this event, check out these pages for more info: or !

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