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All ice skaters fall down

All ice skaters fall down, even the very best and most experienced, so if you plan to take up ice skating, accept the fact that you are going to fall down many, many times.

All ice skaters fall down
Photo by Jo Ann Schneider-Farris

Ice skating falling tips:

Practice falling from a dip position. Glide forward on two feet and bend and squat down as far as you can go. Then, fall to the side and lean a bit forward. Make sure you don't lean backward. Also, put your hands in your lap and not on the ice since you don't want someone to skate over your fingers!

Don't cry:

Don't cry if you fall down on the ice. Just get back up, smile, and keep skating. Sitting or laying on the ice is dangerous.

Skaters who fall can still win:

Each maneuver an ice skater does in competition gets certain points. If a figure skating competitor doesn't have elements in their program that will get high points, a skater can place behind someone who attempted jumps and spins that are awarded higher scores, so even if a skater falls down and makes obvious errors, a skating competitor with a flawless program can place behind a competitor that falls.

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