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All I want for Christmas is sexy abs, real time Fall yard workout

Embrace the fall workout season and clean up the yard is no longer a chore. The crispy autumn leaves won’t fall just once y’all. Those rustling browns and golds keep falling down until every last one is off the trees and a leaf strewn yard is not pretty after the rain and it kills the grass. Pick one day a week, if not more to get out there and work the core of you and your shoulders and arms for 300 calories a burn an hour.

All I want for Christmas is sexy abs, real time Fall yard workout

Weed, mow and harvest

Squat, weed and harvest, up and down, and eek! A bug, jump, it’s almost like a burpee. Got your heart rate going now. Weed pulling, raking and hoeing is a spectacular fall fitness routine, and depending on the size of your garden and how much time you have each day, you can stretch t out over a few days and feel the burn and remember where those muscles used to be. Just thirty minutes burns 160 calories more if you are hauling, digging and toting dirt. Mowing burns 300 calories an hour.

Haul the fire wood and chop it

The mother of all chores, um, workouts. We are cooking now with fire, that inner core should be warmed up and burning the fat house down. Slinging an axe and working like a lumberjack will workout your back and in thirty-minutes you will burn 300 calories. Also a wondrous core and arm workout. Lunges to grab the cords of wood and you have total body fitness.

Channeling Edward Scissorhands

It doesn’t matter if your trimmers are gas-powered, electric or the best full work out manual trimmers. From the tips of your fingers, up your arms, down both sides, and even into your legs, you are working it out. You notice Edward Scissorhands didn’t sport any love handles or muffin-top bulges at all. This chore will burn 235-250 an hour depending on your tool of choice.

Drinks lots of water, watch the lovely Zuzka in between yard workouts, Namaste.

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