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All hail to the cuisine Queen - spotlight on a Houston mom

Houston mom brings New Orleans flavor to Houston.
Houston mom brings New Orleans flavor to Houston.
photo by Michael Charlton

Louisiana native, Rosa Mack Dokes (also known as Queen Rosa) has been the local go-to-girl for delicious home-cooked Creole cuisine. In October 2009, Dokes decided to share her culinary skills with the world by debuting her first cookbook, Diva Dishes.

"I decided to make the cookbook because so many people would call me for recipes," said Ms. Dokes. "I'd say y'all divas because you like the recipes but want something quick without spending all day in the kitchen."

Diva Dishes are seductive meals for moms, single women and men who like to entertain, cook, and spend romantic evenings with their significant other. On her website she features a list of the top ten aphrodisiacs that will "lure" the man or woman of your dreams.

While Rosa Dokes admits to not having any formal gastronomic education, she has had an abundance of on-the-job training. Her recipes are compiled from traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family. The patriarch of the Mack family (Rosa's grandfather) always cooked and made sure that all the children were exposed to home-cooked meals. However, it wasn't until Rosa went off to college that she begun putting her training to good use.

"In New Orleans there are a lot of good restaurants, but the best food is in the home," said Dokes. "The recipes are so good; you won't want to be without t them."

A fan of world renowned chef, Emeril Lagasse, Rosa (mother of two girls ages fifteen and eight) has also considered hosting cooking demonstration parties due to the large number of requests for her to cook at various social gatherings.  But for now her mission is to continue searching for national print publication companies and moving forward with the Diva Dishes cookbook.

Rosa's advice for keeping the "spice" in your meals (and relationships) is to plan and prepare meals ahead of time.

"[At the end of the day]it's important to still have energy after the meal to have fun and be seductive to your mate," said Dokes.

To learn more about becoming a diva cook, order your copy of Diva Dishes today!

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