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All Hail Holy Week

This is officially "Holy Week" across the world. This is a time where Christians, Jews and those that observe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrate. Yesterday marked the beginning of "Holy Week" with the celebration of "Palm Sunday." It is the time that Jesus rode through the streets on a colt, with His followers praising Him for being the "King of the Jews." We end "Lent" this week as well as celebrate "Good Friday" and "Resurrection Sunday".

holy week

As I think about this precious time we are in, I reflect on all of the sacrifices that I believe Jesus made for us. I often ask myself, "what sacrifices am I willing to make to be free or help others?" We will never truly know the extent of the pain and suffering that Jesus endured, but it is important to know that we are here today because of His goodness, mercy and agape Love. In my reflections on this "holy week", I plan to fast and pray for more spiritual change. I want to be a better with my love and respect for God and what He means in my life.

What about you? How do you observe "Holy Week?" On this week, take time to reflect on the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for you. Allow him to use you for his glory and to do His perfect will in your life!

Be Blessed!!!


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