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All Grown Up & Back to School

Depending on whose eyes you might be looking through, parenthood can mean different things to many different parents. 

Some parents find themselves in the stay at home role where they are the primary ‘go to’ person for their child. Then there are other parents who search out the perfect person or facility to properly care for their kids while they juggle the demands of a career. But most parents never envision working, trying to potty train a toddler, all while pursuing their Bachelor’s degree.

Statistically folks traveling down this road aren’t alone in their new roles as student, full time parent, and employee. According to West Texas A&M University’s Career Services the numbers of adults going back to school that aren’t 18 – 21 years old is on the rise, and it has significantly risen since the mid 1990’s.

The rise of non-traditional students suggests that career motives are behind the enrollment bulge. Also the possibility of job displacement, divorce, single-parenting, and skills updating it helps secure income for the family are all possible factors.
Some of the stresses older students’ face that their younger counterparts don’t is time and money constraints. Most non-traditional students have to work around an existing work schedule, limited money or time with family, and preferred activities.
On the flip side according to the WTAMU Career Services, older students are not only more motivated but they have also experienced information to help in their learning process. They have also found that these students are more life centered.
If you are a non-traditional student or thinking about heading back to school when you have a toddler at home you can hold tight to facts like these, but also know that you’re not alone in your adventure.
For more info: To get professional advice about going back to school to get your College degree, contact WT Admissions Office, Amarillo College Admissions office, or one of the many small community colleges in the Panhandle. Also consider contacting one of the many trade schools in our area.


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