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All future ‘Titanfall’ game modes will be released for free

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Respawn Entertainment further reveals a planned business model for Titanfall which continues to impress fans. First the developer was took a hard stance against in-game microtransactions, stating that their first-person shooter won’t ever include the practice of charging players for minor consumable items. Now, as Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella announced on March 25, gamers will also be treated to all future game modes as free title updates.

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The introduction of additional game modes could easily be sold as add-on content where the new match rules are hidden behind DLC purchases. However, Zampella completely removed doubt on the topic of free game mode releases with the following statement after the fear of having to acquire them as part of paid DLC was shared over Twitter.

Modes we release will be free to all, not part of DLC.

Titanfall is now available with console exclusivity to Xbox One. The game also appears on PC and an Xbox 360 edition is currently in development. Respawn Entertainment decided to forego a single-player campaign in order to focus entirely on the title’s 6 versus 6 multiplayer matches. While players control human characters within the game, giant mechs can be called into battle which can then be piloted with destructive results.

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