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All ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ romances will have the same level of interaction

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Nearly half of the romance options within Dragon Age: Inquisition will allow players to form intimate relationships with character who aren’t party members. This has left many to worry about whether the title’s romances with non-companion characters will be less developed since they won’t be at the Inquisitor’s side as often. However, Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider confirmed on July 16 that fans will have an equal opportunity to interact with any of the game’s romance choices as all of the relationships will provide the same amount of content regardless of whether they are actual party members.

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In fact, Gaider revealed that the Inquisition advisors will actually play a major role within Dragon Age: Inquisition so players can expect to frequently deal with these factional leaders. As such, those who hope to romance Cullen or Josephine will have just as many opportunities to develop that relation as they would with any companion character. Just because the advisors won’t follow gamers around Orlais like a full party member doesn’t mean that they will fewer player interactions.

Each of the advisors will even have their own skill tree that affects the Inquisition faction as a whole. Because of this, these characters are considered equally important as any companion. According to Gaider, the only real difference in being able to build a relationship between someone who is a party member and someone who isn’t is that non-companions won’t have party banter.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on Oct 7. The game will feature eight different romance options that will accommodate a variety of sexual preferences. In addition to including straight relationships, certain characters will only be interest in seeking out same-sex partners while others will be bisexual. Only a couple of the romances will have any kind of racial restriction. In addition to romance options coming from both party members and Inquisition advisors, Bioware has confirmed that at least one of the relationships will come from a character belonging to neither group.