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All Breed Rescue VT goes to bat for a dog named Joe Kool

Joe Kool
Joe Kool
All Breed Rescue VT

All Breed Rescue founded in 1996 is a 501c3 non profit organization. They are located in South Burlington, VT and are dedicated to saving dogs regardless of age, breed, health or behavioral condition from high-kill shelters in the South and placing them in loving homes in Vermont. To date they have rescued 5,000 dogs and succesfully placed them into loving homes.

Recently they received a call for help for a 2 year old dog named Joe Kool who spent the better part of a year in the Greenwood Animal Shelter in SC. He was adopted once but returned through no fault of his own. Joe is described by shelter workers as a smart, cuddly bear of a dog who loves belly rubs and any small form of attention.

Through personality assessments Joe tested perfectly fine with other dogs but like most dogs subjected to long lengths of time in a kennel environment his sweet disposition began to deteriorate and he began to lose it mentally. He has lasted much longer than most dogs could ever tolerate in such circumstances but his spirit is broken and he is giving up. Recently he got past a kennel attendant and went after another dog. This was not due to aggression but through sheer frustration and boredom. Joe is simply suffering from kennel craze at this point.

All Breed Rescue desperately wants to save Joe, but their set up is not right for him in his current state. Joe needs a rehab program. ABR would like to send him to the amazing group K-9 Consulting in SC. There he would receive 6 weeks if intensive training and rehab to get him back into the right emotional state.

Geoff at K-9 Consulting is a miracle worker with dogs like Joe. Geoff has successfully rehabilitated a former "broken" bait dog named Jada for ABR as well as a Husky/Akita mix named Chevy who was also souffering from kennel craze. Both dogs became the dogs they were truly meant to be and went on to find perfect , loving homes in VT. ABR has sent approximately 10 others emotionally troubled dogs to Geoff and they have all experienced unreal transformations. This is what they want for Joe Kool.

ABR knows the 6 week rehab program for Joe Kool will be expensive but truly worth it. ABR cannot save him without financial help with the program. They also cannot take Joe without the training due to their set up They are currently trying to raise the money to send Joe Kool there. This is truly Joe's final chance at being taken in by a rescue and potentially getting a permanent placement.

Please help Joe Kool. He is a good dog who is acting out after a terribly long time stuck in a tiny outside kennel with no stimulation or much needed attention. He started off as such a joyous, loving affectionate dog. But his light and spirit are dimming. Let's not let this light go out.

If you can help Joe Kool, please send funds directly to ABR via their Paypal at or you can send it via their website which is

*****Update, as of April 14th ABR has received the funding to send Joe Kool to K-9 consulting for training and rehabilitation. However, there are many more dogs that need funding and are awaiting their turn to go. Please send all donations to HILARY1019@YAHOO.COM so other dogs can have a chance.

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