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All Breed Rescue and Training helps you find and train your new furry friend

Hi I'm Miss Melody.Folks, I need a forever home.I am a 2 yr old Border Collie/Pit Bull mix and am currently in training.
Hi I'm Miss Melody.Folks, I need a forever home.I am a 2 yr old Border Collie/Pit Bull mix and am currently in training.
Sara Simon

There are many good groups in Colorado Springs providing wonderful services for the over population of unwanted pets. Each one has a function somewhat different from their other partners in this endeavor. One that stands out is the All Breed Rescue and Training facility.They are located at 20 Mount View Lane in Suites B & C here in Colorado Springs. Instead of have a nice day, all their literature says, ‘Have a nice dog.’

What sets this group apart from others is that they are not a shelter. Instead, they only work with those pets that are considered unadoptable. What would make a pet unlikely to be adopted? Answer-the pets that have started their life in homes that were anything but loving and are at risk. Most likely they suffered at the hands of their former owners and were ruined so badly that now they are broken and damaged and must be rehabilitated.

These are the pets that are behavioral problems due to neglect, fear, abandonment and misuse. According to Sara Simon, the Office Manager for All Breeds, these are the only pets they take in. The pets that are considered such a risk to adopt that they are scheduled to be euthanized. That is when All Breeds swoops in to save them.

This facility works strictly through foster parents and has no shelter of their own. Because these animals will need lots of patience to correct the damage done, the foster home is the best place for them to get ready for a forever home. All foster parents are checked out to make sure they have the proper setting for each individual animal. Some pets may not be good with children or other pets. Maybe they jump fences and would easily escape from that person’s home. Would -be foster parents and settings are appraised to make the best possible match for that animal.

Nona O. has been fostering for this organization since 2004 and has fostered at least 13 dogs. Nona said the ideal foster parent needs to have lots of patience and love. This wonderful foster parent warns that the ideal foster parent needs to be able to foster and let them go when the time comes. Although it is possible to adopt the dog you are fostering, it would be hard to do that with every one you fall in love with while fostering. She also mentions the importance of a support system since these dogs will be challenging. Nona says, “All breed is great support.” She says, “You are not alone.”

Right now, one of the dogs she is fostering is Miss Melody. She is a Pit Bull/Border Collie mix about two years old. She is a delightful dog with lots of energy. She needs a permanent home folks. Her photo is above. Call them to know more about this beautiful dog.

Most of their dogs need to be won over as they can be very fearful. They are usually in need of improving their bad manners. This is where the training aspect comes in.
All foster parents, as well as anyone adopting one of these dogs need to be part of the training classes. They want people to keep these dogs forever,once they adopt and so the adopters must learn how to manage them. Often when the dog problems are severe it is more a training of the owner than the dog to make things run more smoothly.

They can provide any kind of training from the basics for a new puppy to the older never- been- trained dog. They are willing to train a dog for competition or even therapy. They will customize training for each pet and make sure that dog will fit in and will be able to be managed by their new owners.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, call Sara at 264-6460. If you can, please save a life today!

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