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All animals are perfection

Animal advocate shares how we treat other and animals.

In a recent article published in, Dr. Linda Bender shared great wisdom on the plight of dogs and all animals in the June, 2014 issue in her article What We Do To Animals We Do To Ourselves.” The article is deeply thought provoking and a valuable reminder for humans relating to our role on this planet.

She shared that Mahatma Gandhi said that, “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” She further expanded the hierarchical view that humans view themselves as inferior to angel and animals inferior to humans – all based on faulty premises. All of the Divine’s creations are perfect and it is not possible for one perfect thing to be inferior to another perfect thing. How sensible this reflection. As stated, all the creatures of the Earth have lives of meaning and purpose, aside from the value human place on them.

The essence of her article was well shared when as a society there was the need to differentiate between the use of human and humane following the Industrial Revolution. Prior to this the words meant the same, but were simply spelled two different ways. As Dr. Bender notes, we began needing a separate word to describe the compassionate treatment of animals around the same time we invented sweatshops, confined people to factories – the time mankind began denying the dignity of human laborers. Around this era, humans began thinking of pets as consumer goods. Such thoughts necessitated adding an “e” to distinguish human from humane.

Dr. Bender’s piece clearly portrays changes within man’s thinking, impressions and importance of human self. Human was then supposed to mean someone who demonstrates that he/she has a soul by treating other souls with respect and consideration whereas humane conveys a sense of honorable conduct – the obligation of the strong to care for the weak. An important point made in this article is that the adding of an “e” to human, the fate of animals depends on the added “e” which constitutes dog and animals will continue to be victimized.

Dr. Bender is a veterinarian and in the trenches around the world rescuing wildlife while advocating for species and their habitats. Her entire article may be read here (page 46-47). Her work has been endorsed by Dr. Jan Goodall, Deepak Chopra and Rupert Sheldrake. More about Dr. Bender can be learned at She is the author of the soon to be released book Animal wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals.

This article is posted from OM Times Magazine, © June, 2014.

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