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All About Genetic Dark Circles

What is Genetic Dark Circle?
What is Genetic Dark Circle?

Your beautiful eyes might just have lost their lasting charm having those great dark depressions. Dark Circles are definitely scary until you artificially paint them with make up on a Halloween Party. These very dark circles actually let us feel disgusted as they just take away all the beauty of the eyes, and the face altogether. But you might just be wondering that even after a stress free life, sound and full sleep cycles, nutritious diet and everything good, why are you not getting rid of your dark circles. Alert! It just might be the problem of hereditary or genetic dark circles.

What is Genetic or Hereditary Dark Circles?

Hereditary dark circles beneath your eyes look just like simple dark circles-the baggy skin depressions turning to darker tones below your eyes. The only difference is that hereditary dark circles are due to genetics and this is why no matter how many general efforts you put in to get rid of them, you just can’t! The obvious reasons are some hormonal imbalances due to genetic transmission.

But do not worry at all. There always is a solution to every problem. As you know, staying calm is the first step to get away with those disgusting dark circles.

Genetic Hyper-Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the result of too much melanin, which causes skin darkening. Here we'll talk about hyperpigmentation; we'll help you find out if the dark circles you struggle with are caused by hyperpigmentation, and how you can treat problems with hyperpigmentation and dark circles. By learning about the cause of your dark circles, you are making progress in getting rid of them.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a skin state that is suffered by a lot of people across the globe. It occurs due to the disproportionate melanin production which causes large, dark patches of skin to develop on various places. Hyperpigmentation is more likely in people with darker skin tones. Most common results of hyperpigmentation are:

  • Freckles
  • Liver spots
  • Brown spots
  • Dark circles
  • Age spots
  • Skin staining due to pregnancy

Minimizing Genetic Dark Circles

It is not impossible to get away with Genetic dark circles at all. There are quite a number of ways that have been proven to be beneficial in order to get rid of genetic dark circles in the long run. We just always know how beneficial it is to maintain a balanced diet, have adequate sleep and plenty water in order to get away with any dark circles. The genetic ones might just be the stubborn ones but are definitely very important role players. Apart from this, laser skin treatment is again a solution to get rid of genetic dark circles and hyper-pigmentation.

Home Remedies for Minimizing Genetic Dark Circles

  • Nutritive iron and vitamin rich diet
  • Plenty of water intake
  • Adequate sleep
  • Getting away with smoking
  • Crushing mint leaves and applying on the affected areas
  • Evergreen cucumber slices also help
  • Application of tomato and lime juice on the dark circles
  • Application of almond and milk paste
  • Application of pineapple juice and a little turmeric powder
  • Drinking tomato juice with mint, lemon and salt
  • Application of raw potato juice
  • Application of rose water

These home remedies can do wonders if regularly followed not forgetting a stress free life. Though these home remedies are of a great help in the long run, these might just not be effective in case you are looking for quick results. Visiting your dermatologist once, getting to know your skin type and opting for a nice anti dark circle cream rich in all the helpful components can help you achieve quick results. After all, when it’s about “genetic” dark circles, you need to take extra care and a nice eye cream may be your answer along with these home remedies which might take longer if followed alone.