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All About Color

Traditional weddings has come a long way leaving behind the basic neutral colors of white, ivory, and black by adding the boldness of colors like fuchsias, teals, oranges and almost every color from the color wheel is being used in weddings.

There are three different types of color schemes that you can use when you are searching for your bridal colors, Monochromatic, analogues or complementary. A monochromatic color scheme is simply using the various shades of one color. For example you could choose blue, teal and aqua, mint green, olive and sage or red, pink and ruby. The key is to use three or more shades of one color. A monochromatic scheme will add a touch of sparkle and personality to your atmosphere. It is important that you remember to have a dominant color and a highlight color.

The complementary color scheme uses tones that are across from each other on the color wheel, which is more daring for some but it is gorgeous when paired right. Try pairs such as purple, orange and green (think of the bird of paradise flower) no matter what three colors pair you choose you can have a beautiful arrangement of colors. Choose a dominant color between the three and use the others as an accent to either add highlights to the darker color or add ease to the brighter color. If you are unsure of how these colors will look Google flower images and see the variety of colors mixed. Looking up different logos from some of your favorite brands, your favorite china, and even a bed spread can be a look into how three complementary colors work.

The last scheme you can use to choose more than one accent color for your wedding is analogues. Analogues uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel but are different tones. For example yellow and orange, or blue and purple they are in the same color family yet they are different tones.

You can find many different color schemes in your everyday shopping or even when you go out to register. Simply look at the color pattern of the store, the items sold in the store i.e. dinnerware patterns, bedding patterns even pillows and rugs. No color is off limits when it comes to your big day! Just make sure that it is easy on the eyes! Making an inspiration board can help you to identify your dominant and highlight color. Once you have chosen your wedding colors also think about the lighting that you will have in your venue, you can have an awesome color palette ruined if they lighting is off.

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