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All about African American Homeschoolers

Did you know there was such thing as afrocentric homeschooling? Afrocentric homeschoolers are families who incorporate black positive or pro black curriculum into their educational approach.
To say Afrocentric homeschooling is exclusive is an understatement. There are just a few African American Homeschool Associations and the memberships consist mostly of black families. Nevertheless, since homeschooling is an exclusive form of education with the classroom consisting of strictly family members, it seems quite natural.

A few of the Afrocentric Homeschool Associations are:

National Black Home Educators formed in the year 2000 and and encourage homeschoolers through out the United States and even the world. They have assisted families as far away as Kenya.

The African American Homeschoolers Network (AAHN) is an organization for families seeking educational resources. "Resources for members include a membership database allowing members to connect all over the world." They also have a newsletter, resource guide, workshops, and homeschool conferences." Here is their Google+ page.

Liberated Minds Expo is available in Atlanta every year. It is a good way for African American homeschoolers in Atlanta to meet, make friends, and arrange get togethers, as well as purchase specialized curriculum and attend seminars designed especially for black homeschoolers.

What do Afrocentric Homeschoolers teach their children?

Ask any public schooled person about the history of black people and they will not be able to tell you much. Americans are not aware of the numerous contributions of black to the infrastructure of our country. They are vaguely aware of the history of slavery, and barely aware that racism exists. Afrocentric homeschooling teaches these things and more.

Are all African American Homeschoolers afrocentric homeschoolers?

Just by the nature, the fact being black and homeschooling creates some level of being afrocentric homeschoolers. However, many homeschoolers do not put an afrocentric label on their homeschooling experience. They just consider themselves homeschoolers. However, they may very well spend a little more time on subject matter that is more important to a black parent like Black inventors and civil rights, and my approach teaching of the Civil War from a different perspective than is taught in public school.

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