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All aboard the GBK Express

While most travelers prefer jettin’ out of town on a 767, others might choose a more scenic route, like a good ole fashioned train. Whether it’s via buggy, toaster or snail (railroad slang for various rail transport vehicles) you’re bound to have plenty of time to catch up on your travel fundamentals.

Hand-painted wine glasses
Wine Me?

In California alone there are more than 300 trains daily, ready to swiftly take you on an adventure to one of 500 destinations nationwide. But no matter where you decide to train-it, or how long you opt to people watch on your locomotive adventure, you’ll still need to pack your bags accordingly.

Gavin B. Keilly, Founder and CEO of GBK in Los Angeles, moonlights as our engineer of the hour, and has a thing or two to share about hot-ticket items for your next red line out of town… starting with the first stop en route – Bottom’s Up.

This station will have you sitting pretty as you begin your journey with an airweave travel-size mattress topper, ready to support your back (and your bottom) so you feel good on your next trip away from home. Once your tush is attended to, please your palate with a pinot noir from Newman’s Own, perfectly complemented by Wine Me? hand-painted wine glasses.. Of course if you have trouble bringing your bottle on board, feel free to pour your wine in a Tervis tumbler. It’s perfect for keeping your wine chilled throughout your trip.

Next stop – Station Beauty – beginning with Éminence Organic Skin Care, ready to spoil your bod with a Calm Skin Starter Set. Once applied, your new-found look will be ready for the ultimate in intimate apparel from Sugarbums, a one-stop designer haven for guys and gals looking for something sexy in loungewear. Add a little brow and lip action from HD Brows and a little pink bling from Fiamma diamonds and you’re ready to impress.

Station Accessorize is equipped with CamiWraps, attachable bra pockets for girls on the go. So leave your purse in your “sleeping car” and grab your cell, City Cosmetics lip treatment or your favorite flavored hookah stick from BLOW, and stow it in your hidden CamiWrap zipper! Though if you insist on exploring the area with all your belongings, try accessorizing with an eco-friendly silicone bag from PISIDIA. You won’t need to fret about spills, their water-resistant handbags will have you oops-ing a lot less. Their purses are also quite roomy, so you can throw in some extra accessories like folding interchangeable hair bands from Sweetbandz, or a chic wood wallet from Alto Collective.

Moving on to Station Suave, this stop takes coolness to a new level. From here you can dance your way out the station with lightweight headphones from Soul Electronics. Or, jitterbug down the tracks with your new Jigabot camera accessory. Their AIMe hands-free robot is a great way to capture all those unforgettable (and forgettable) moments – and you can do so all by yourself. Finally, there’s a way to video or take pics of yourself without the help of someone else.

Once play time is finished, catch the next stop to Station Recharge and whet your appetite with chocolate truffles from the Bread Basket Cake Company or some fruit snacks from Matt’s Munchies. If you’re on a special diet, you can grab a superfood snack from Perfect Foods Bar, popped corn chips from popchips, Angie’s Boomchickapop Popcorn, and some healthy roasted seaweed snacks from SeaSnax. If a super boost is what you have in mind, you can drink your way to a healthier looking you with GOLD COLLAGEN’s liquid food supplements.

Last stop, Station Siesta…where private pilates and yoga are possible (Relax2 Yoga), trips to far away resorts are reachable (Arabia Escapes), and waking up with a perfect “do” is do-able (Sleep-In Rollers). At this stop, shut-eye for your critter is just as dreamy. Catnaps are filled with comfy and stylish clothes, plush luxury carriers and Swarovski crystal leashes, all to help animal charities in need (and made possible by Support Ur Pet)!

From local station to destination, hanging your keys and railin’ it might not seem like such a bad idea. And by GBKing your way through, you’ll be on the right track.

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