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Alkaline Life Water In Anaheim

Local water store sells pH8 alkaline water
Local water store sells pH8 alkaline water
By Kitrell Stokes

Alkaline Life Water:(The 2 types of pH waters are natural and kangen)

This Life Water contains a high level of pH which stands for

Potential Hydrogen.This water has benefits such as helping sufferers

of heartburn,gas,and weight issues. It works as a detoxan as well

as helps the digestive and immune system. After interviewing a well

established vendor Nina Tran.It begins to become evident why this water is so beneficial when comparing

it to tap or regular bottled water. What makes Alkaline water so different

is the amount of pH and Minerals. Nina explains she was introduced to

Alkaline water through a good friend. She then begin to use the water

regularly for drinking,cooking,making tea,coffee,etc. She would later

turn it into a business strickly to educate people on the benefits

of drinking Alkaline water. So she begin to pass out brochures and

flyers to promote the awareness of this product. Today,Nina
Tran has a water store on Lincoln Ave in Anaheim where most of their

clients come in by "word of mouth". Nina knows the benefits of Alkaline

and she is very educated as to what exact amounts of pH is good for

the body. The levels of pH in alkaline water range from 8.5 to 9.5
and most peoples pH balance is lower then 7 so this water helps to

balance out the levels of pH in the body making it neutral. There

is also Ph 11 used for cleaning,pH level 5.5 is used as beauty water for

the skin,pH level 2.7 is used for hand sanitizing,helps fight gingavitis

and foot fungus. So all these levels of pH can be used to make your

body healthy in so many different ways.

Nina is convientantly located at 2534 Lincoln Ave in Anaheim Ca.

If you get a chance to stop by you will be amazed at how friendly
she is as well as helpful. She promotes health and good nutrition

and she is very dedicated to serving the public. The prices are

remarkably low compared to alot of water stores. Thank you Nina

for sharing your knowledge!


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