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Alkaline juices for acidic stomachs? Does belly fat worsen acid reflux?

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Interestingly, people who gain weight mostly in the abdomen usually have a problem with acid reflux, particularly when they're overweight, but not always. Thin people can lose muscle tone in their esophagus and suffer from acid reflux, especially when lying flat. Sometimes elevated their pillows so they're almost sitting up in bed helps. But can alkaline juices such as green leafy vegetables juices, carrot juice, or cabbage juice also be of help? Can food change your destiny?

Too many people suffer from acid reflux conditions or the frequently occurring acid reflux disease. For example cabbage with carrots may help your acid reflux. If your child has acid reflux, you may want to check out the site of the, Pediatric Gastroenterologists. Or for adults with acid reflux issues, check out the site of the Digestive Health Center - Gastroenterology, Stomach. Choose a site from your own city and state.

Have your doctor examine you to find out whether your acid reflux condition is due to a disease or due to losing your digestive enzymes as you age or perhaps due to bacteria such as H. pylori or ulcers of your esophagus or stomach. Acid reflux also can happen when a person eats too much, particularly after 3:00 p.m. Some older adults who wanted a food-based solution to pylori and acid reflux turned to pine nut oil because it has been used in the Slavic community as a traditional folkloric medicine for centuries. Others turn to liquid aged garlic extract, for example the Kyolic brand. In traditional folkloric medicine, pine nut oil decreases food intake. See the study's abstract, Cholecystokinin decreases food intake in man. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 34: 154-160, 1981. (Kissileff HR, Pi-Sunyer FX, Thornton J, and Smith GP.)

Why do so many people complain of acid reflux or hiatal hernia? And what help is out there locally? Can you find which chiropractors in Sacramento have been trained in adjusting hiatal hernia? Some doctors have pretty good tips on how to treat acid reflux with foods. You can read in the November 8, 2010 issue of Woman's World, the article in the "Your Good Health" section, "Sore throat remedies doctors swear by." Also see the sites, Can chiropractic adjustment fix a hiatal hernia? - Yahoo! Answers. How is sore throat related to acid reflux issues?

You may think you have a sore throat, but what it might be are lesions in your esophagus. Acid reflux can burn your esophagus and stomach, leading to ulcers or even cancer. That's why you need to treat your acid reflux if it happens frequently. So get checked out by your health care team.

When it comes to acid reflux, by eating fruit on an empty stomach instead of right after meals or with meals, it may help acid reflux that's burning out your esophagus

Also in that article is a tip to take 5,000 I.U. of vitamin A daily. But please check with your doctor or health care team to prevent any toxic effects of taking excess vitamin A, since it builds up in the body.

The idea of eating fruit, such as a papaya, on an empty stomach is that when you eat fruit as part of meals, the fruit begins to ferment along with the fat in the foods while in your stomach. The stomach then expands from the fermenting fruit and fat in any food being disgested by stomach acids in your belly.

As the fermentation process continues, the gas produced from the fermentation process in your stomach expands. Soon the expanding gasses from the fermentation puts a lot of pressure on the valve that connects your stomach to your esophagus. The result is worsening acid reflux that steadily erodes your esophagus, burning lesions.

Then you get more pain, more burping, and more acid reflux with more wounds on your esophagus. You can help by just eating a piece of fruit on an empty stomach. Also check with your doctor to see whether it's safe to take a little vitamin A to speed healing of those seared membranes, which are wounds in your esophagus caused by your stomach's acid.

If you're an older person, also take a test to see whether you have H. pylori bacteria which destroys the mucous lining of your stomach. You'd also feel acid reflux, coughing from acid reflux, which sometimes looks like asthma symptoms or wheezing, and problems with wounds from your stomach's hydrochloric acid burning lesions in your esophagus.

Check your stomach also for bleeding ulcers and other problems such as hiatal hernia. It's a condition in which a portion of the upper part of your stomach protrudes upward into your chest, through an opening in your diaphragm. Acid reflux disease shows symptoms of acid reflux usually on a daily basis and grows worse when you lie down.

It often disrupts sleep. Find out whether any natural remedies can help such as a change in diet or various vitamins or digestive enzymes before you take a drug you'll be on for years. Perhaps digestive enzymes may be of help. See your doctor to find out what can be done for hiatal hernia and learn what caused it. Also see the Mayo Clinic article, Hiatal hernia - The site contains a comprehensive overview covers symptoms, surgery and other treatments for this stomach hernia. By age 60, up to 60% of people have it to some extent. See the site, How To Live With a Hiatal Hernia.

Hiatal hernia can be caused by constipation. Or increased pressure in the abdominal cavity also can be caused by constant hard coughing--for example from a bout of flu, or from vomiting, or simply straining during bowel movements can tear a whole in your diaphragm.

Don't leave it at that if all you're told is that you're getting older or your body is falling apart because you're over a certain age. Find out what caused the hole in your diaphragm, if that's your doctor's diagnosis. See what happens if you eat a papaya on an empty stomach. Does your acid reflux decrease by the time you go to bed at night?

Notice that most of the foods that may be of help to acid reflux not caused by serious stomach problems are made without added fats or oils that can cause more acid to be produced to digest them

To fight acid reflux, keep a food diary to identify foods that trigger heartburn. Some people have too little stomach acid rather than too much, or the stomach acid isn't producing enough digestive enzymes as people age. For example, people with type O blood produce a stronger stomach acid than people with type A blood, according to numerous naturopaths. For more information see the site, "Eat Right For Your Type:Change Your Genetic Destiny."

Pay close attention to portion size for all foods you eat each day. Note what quantities, if any, your stomach tolerates without acid reflux symptoms. According to the Heart Burn Alliance Organization website, "Use your “personal serving sizes” as a guide. Larger portions of any food are more likely to cause acid reflux, especially when you lie down.

Foods That Help Acid Reflux Issues: Eat Small Portions of Food

Green beans
Baked potato

Multi-grain bread
White bread
Corn bread
Brown rice
White rice
Graham crackers
Saltine crackers
Rice cakes
Oatmeal cereal
Frosted cereal
Bran-based cereal

Cream cheese,

Feta cheese
Goat cheese
Sour cream, fat-free
Soy cheese, low-fat

Ground beef, extra-lean
Steak, London Broil
Chicken breast, without skin
Egg whites/egg substitute
Fish, fresh, prepared without added fat

Potato chips, baked (not fried)
Cookie, fat-free
Jelly beans
Red licorice
Salad dressing, low-fat

Foods to Avoid if You Have Acid Reflux: Always Talk to Your Doctor First if You Have a Stomach Condition

Tomato paste

Tomato juice

Marinara Sauce

Orange juice
Grapefruit juice
Cranberry juice
Tomato, whole

Mashed potatoes
French fries
Onion, raw
Potato salad

Macaroni and cheese
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

Sour cream
Milk shake
Ice cream
Cottage cheese, regular

Ground beef, chuck
Marbled sirloin
Chicken, nugget-style
Chicken, buffalo wings

Corn chips
Potato chips, regular
Butter cookie, high-fat
Salad dressing, creamy
Salad dressing, oil & vinegar


Mineral water



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