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Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The air tucks me in,
I feel the sun’s warm embrace,
Even in the midst of lighting and thunder,
There’s a lot to ponder,
As I dive in the big blue sea,
The silence of the water awakens my essence,
Every breath confirms my existence,
All worries are left behind,
All I needed for this journey was my body and my soul,
Intertwined with a force that is so sublime,
As my life races before my eyes,
1001 questions invading my mind,
What is the purpose of my existence?
Am I here only to pursue riches?
Empty wishes wrapped inside Hershey’s kisses,
Intangible pleasures that fade with time,
I am here to reach higher consciousness,
To blend in with all of mankind till my eyes can’t tell black from white,
Through love that my heart cannot fathom,
Though it can be traced from the creation to the Creator,
I shall never shut my eyes again…

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