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Alive, but barely; Why I make so many animal posts on Facebook

These are photos of some of the many animals I've rescued over the years.
These are photos of some of the many animals I've rescued over the years.
Lyn Lomasi

Each day as I go to task at sharing photos on facebook of animal after animal, I know that while their lives are hanging in the balance, someone else's patience with me is doing the same. An unfriend here, a rude message there, requests to stop showing animals that need help.

Why do I continue? Why bother?

I'll tell you why. Did you know that each year, the United States euthanizes around 3 - 4 million cats and dogs? While we're sitting here enjoying our "precious" Facebook time, every 10 seconds, a precious life is lost.

Those animals I post -- they're alive when I post them, but barely. Some have been abused, some abandoned, some neglected. Sometimes they only have hours to live before they are euthanized to make more space for others in the same predicament. A simple Facebook share could make all the difference. Sometimes, it is the only chance they have as some shelters don't even show the animals on the euth lists to the public.

Does it really make a difference?

There are several cases I personally know of in which friends informed me that they or their friends adopted or otherwise rescued some of the animals I've posted. Story upon story of happy endings for these animals as a direct result of Facebook postings can be found all around the web. While 10 seconds may not be a big deal to some, it is a matter of life and death for animals in shelters across the country.

So, while you sit there complaining about these animals I am "clogging up your feed" with, I will continue to save lives. If you don't like what I post, hide my feed or unfriend me. It's my wall and I will use it as I see fit. I'm not here to judge you for what you do or don't post on your wall. But what I use my wall for is my choice too -- and I choose to turn "barely alive" into "barely escaped" for as many animals as possible.

"When will people wake up and realize this life is not just about them? It's about all of us -- and that includes ALL creatures, not just the upright walking ones." ~ Lyn Lomasi


I originally published this on Heart 'N Mind Paw Rescue:

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