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Alistair Overeem eyes Brock Lesnar rematch

According to a Feb. 3 report from MMA Fighting, Alistair Overeem hasn't backed off talk of a rematch with Brock Lesnar, even after UFC President Dana White said chances are slim the WWE legend will return to the UFC.

"I believe I read somewhere that he wanted to come back, and that he believed he didn't fight because of the health conditions and that it would have been different if he was healthy," Overeem told MMA Fighting. "He was talking about maybe a comeback, and I thought he wanted to fight me because of his last fight, maybe a rematch. With Brock, you have to take it with a grain of salt."

Overeem, 33, fought Lesnar at UFC 141, and earned a TKO finish at the 2:26 mark of the opening frame. Despite the first-round stoppage, Overeem knows Lesnar wasn't at full health for the fight.

"I care about the title, of course, but if [Lesnar]'s going to come back, why not? It would be a great fight. Brock healthy, because that's what the discussion is, if he's focused, he's healthy, we all remember what he did with Heath Herring, Randy Couture, he is the former UFC champ, aggressive, he's huge, he's strong," Overeem said. "I think that would be a very good fight."

Overeem was criticized by White for his performance against Frank Mir at UFC 169, but "Reem" didn't seem to mind.

"Dana is a very upfront character, I like that about him, because I like to know where I'm at," Overeem said. "And he's entitled to his opinion, as we all are. I think it was a very technical performance, it is what it is. I can't make more of it now. I can understand him, he's the promoter, he wants to have exciting fights. Ratings matter, fans matter, fans want exciting fight. I hope he also understands my opinion, the ‘loser leaves town match.' Since the Travis fight, [I heard] a lot of things about my cardio. In life sometimes you always don't get what you want."

Overeem admits he was sticking to a gameplan against Mir. He didn't want to swing wildly and get caught in a submission.

Overeem knew his job might be on the line, so he made sure to play it a bit safe.

"Sometimes you have to play it safe," Overeem said. "For me, this was a big test: If you're going to go to the championship rounds. Everyone is saying, ‘Alistair can't do this, Alistair can't do that.' It was a big question could I do that, also for myself, because fighting is different than training. Now I feel like yes, I can do to the championship rounds. After the three rounds I was good, and I could do two more."

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