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Alissa Cavallaro: "The Journey Isn't Over." Featuring Big Daddy Kane

Alissa Cavallaro & Big Daddy Kane
Alissa Cavallaro & Big Daddy Kane

Vocalist and New York native Alissa Cavallaro teamed up with rap icon Big Daddy Kane for her single “The Journey Isn’t Over,” a song that brings awareness about bullying. The song carries positive pulsating lyrics, which in turn can encourage those who feel helpless to be confident and give a voice to those who feel they are voiceless. The single will be on sale through Battle Records - E1 Entertainment Distribution, iTunes, CDbaby and other outlets.

Proceeds of the song will benefit The Suicide Prevention & Awareness Program and Sing Into the Sunlight Organization.

Alissa will be touring elementary and high schools during the summer months to announce her campaign, “Don’t Be Pushed Around.” The campaign seeks to empower teenagers, encourage students to take pride in their individuality, create comfortable environments to discuss peer pressure, share conflict resolution and anger management methods and lend a hand to save a child.

There’s also a clothing design team working along with the campaign. Attitude Apparel Inc has created a limited edition of “Don’t Be Pushed Around,” products such as t-shirts, hats and accessories. Visit Alissa’s website or Attitude Apparel Inc’s website for more information.

Alissa Cavallaro, since the tender age of nine, music has been young Alissa's passion. Since that time, it has become her destiny. Self-described as "weird," she accomplished an almost superhuman feat, winning the Amateur Night competition at the infamous Apollo Theater in New York City at age nine.

Alissa’s first album, “I Am - That Girl,” was released in June 2011.

Examiner had an interview with Alissa recently. The interview was conducted by Samuel Archer and transcribed by Nadira Norjahan.

Sam: Hello, Alissa!

Alissa: Hello.

Sam: So you were born in New York?

Alissa: Yes. Born and raised in New York and I’m still here.

Sam: Ok. What part?

Alissa: Long Island.

Sam: Ok. So, what age where you when you started singing?

Alissa: Well, I started singing at around eight, and I was doing a lot of community theatre and that kind of stuff. Then it eventually evolved to recording and stuff.

Sam: And you are working on an album now?

Alissa: Yes. My single “Journey Isn’t Over” with iconic rapper Big Daddy Kane will be released along with the video on June 11th, which is part of the Anti-bullying campaign album “Don’t Push Me Around”.

Sam: Cool. So let’s talk about the single. What was the inspiration behind that song?

Alissa: Well, I think that bullying is such a big topic that people don’t do anything about. They don’t make a change, they just discuss it. So that’s why Big Daddy Kane and me teamed up to send a stronger message that’s different and to eliminate the amount of bullies and the people who are being bullied.

Sam: Ok. Well, who produced this single?

Alissa: I actually wrote and produced my part and Big Daddy Kane put his own collaborative thing together. It was a group effort.

Sam: oh, so you and Big Daddy Kane produced it?

Alissa: Yes.

Sam: That’s great!

So, what was it like working with a legend like Big Daddy Kane?

Alissa: At first I was really nervous. But then I warmed up to him and he’s great! He’s an amazing talent. I couldn’t thank my Publicist Angelo (Ellerbee) enough for putting us together and for doing what he does for me.

Sam: Very good. You play instruments as well, right?

Alissa: Yes. I play ukulele and piano.

Sam: That’s great! What ages did you start playing those instruments?

Alissa: Well, I’ve been playing the ukulele now for about two years. I am completely self-taught. I started playing the piano when I was around ten.

Sam: Ok. And now you are getting into recording, sequencing and production, right?

Alissa: Yes. I actually recorded my first track with the ukulele on it a few months ago. This track is also on the album.

Sam: When did you start writing songs?

Alissa: Well, I actually wrote my first song for this album. After writing the first song, I liked it and didn’t want to stop. I have written three more songs that will also appear on the album.

Sam: Ok. Who was your biggest influence in reference to singing?

Alissa: My biggest influence is Alicia Keys who I had the pleasure of meeting a while back. She really inspired me to keep going.

Sam: Have you done any acting?

Alissa: Yes. I did some commercials and tried out for some movie roles but I found out that singing is what I really want to do.

Sam: You are still in school. Are you studying the arts?

Alissa: Yes. I take a music and theatre class. I’m only in the tenth grade but I will have some musical college credits already this year. I take school very seriously and I am an Honor Roll student. If my grades ever suffered from my music I would have to stop singing for a while.

Sam: Would you like to pursue music as your concentration of study when you get to college?

Alissa: Yes. Music will be my main focus in college.

Sam: Ok. That’s good. Tell me about the bullying campaign. What inspired this? Did you have a personal experience with bullying?

Alyssa: Yes, kinda. When you look at me, I’m not a skinny kinda girl. I’m a little chubby and people judged me for that. I also witnessed other people that I care about being bullied. So it was an easy topic to write about.

Sam: So what activities will be involved with the “Don’t Push Me Around” campaign?

Alissa: Well, we have the video coming out and hopefully we will be able to schedule a school tour where I can speak to other kids about bullying on a very personal level.

Sam: Do you have any performances scheduled now?

Alissa: Not yet, but we will be scheduling some soon.

Sam: How can people follow up with you and tune into what you are doing?

Alissa: Yes, I can be found at FaceBook, @alissacavallaromusic (instagram) @alissacavallaro (twitter) and on my website at

Sam: Ok. Well, thank you for your time Alissa. I wish you well.

Alissa: Thank you for having me.

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