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Alison Sweeney shares 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers on 'Today'

Alison Sweeney
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Fans of "Days of Our Lives" are really sad to see Alison Sweeney leave the show. On Monday morning, she was on "Today" to talk about her time as Sami on the show and how it would all come to an end. She knows she is doing the right thing by leaving but it has to be hard on her as well. She was only on the show for about five minutes.

Alison Sweeney talked about her new book called "Scared Scriptless." She is still doing her job on "The Biggest Loser" as well. Alison explained that she is leaving "DOOL" for a lot of reasons. It is to be with her kids more, write books and just enjoy life. She said that it is scary to not have a script in her hand every day like she is used to having.

Her new book is about Hollywood and talks about the crew. It is a fiction book. Her main character is a script supervisor and it sounds like a great book. This is something she is really excited about and can't wait for her fans to read it. There is a romance in the main character's life as well.

Fans are tweeting and trying to figure out what Sami Brady's fate will be on "Days of Our Lives." She did confirm that she will not take the blame for shooting Nick and go to prison for life by a shake of her head saying no. Another fan thinks that they will kill her off but she will come back but Alison didn't say anything about that one. Someone did guess that she would run off with Lucas to an island somewhere.

Alison Sweeney did confirm that none of those are the answer. She also said that they did leave the door open where she can come back again, but to remember on soap operas even murder isn't enough to keep someone away. Fans will have to watch the ending of her time on "Days of Our Lives" to see how it plays out.

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