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Alison Redford Wants to Change the Rules She's Broken

Alberta Premier Alison Redford has finally decided to do the right thing and pay back her profligate travel expenses. At least, some of them.

Redford has managed to run afoul of both the rules and sensibilities of Albertans in truly astounding fashion. It would be one thing if Redford had only been flying her daughter around with her while on government business (if necessary), or even while on vacation. That much she could have at least gotten away with in the public eye. Flying her daughter's friends around with her, on the public dime, was another entirely.

The sense of entitlement is truly staggering. But never so much as now. Now that she's talking about rewriting the rules that she's already broken.

Apparently, this is how the sitting Premier of Alberta plans to operate the province for the foreseeable future: break the rules first, change them later. Repeat as desired.

Fortunately, Albertans won't be stuck with this kind of unruly government for much longer if the Wildrose Alliance can continue its current momentum -- polling is currently giving them a 13-point lead over Redford's Progressive Conservatives.

Alison Redford is very much doing that to her party, and to herself. Barring another election-time miracle, it may be all over but the crying.

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