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Aliso Creek Hiking Trail

The Aliso Creek Hiking Trail is an amazing hiking trail near Mission Viejo. It is a weekend trip from Fresno. The hiking trail is approximately 18.5 miles long each way. The hiking trail takes ones through Mission Viejo. The hiking trail goes from South Laguna to Ranch Santa Margarita. The hiking trail is paved the entire way which makes it amazing for jogging. The hiking trail has a multitude of parks along the way. The jogging and hiking trail also feature numerous restrooms on the route. There is also a rest area every few miles on the hiking trail. Additionally throughout the hiking trail there are kiosks that give interesting information about the history of the area. The trail does have a bit of an uphill slope from the ocean end of the trail to the other end for about a couple miles. However the slop is relatively minor. The hiking views are amazing throughout the hiking trail.

Stop of Heroes Park for facilities because this is one of last in one direction for awhile
Lucinda Roth
Out of the world jogging
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You can access the trail from many many locations. There are many options for parking at both ends of the hiking trail and in the middle of the hiking trail. You can also park on Awma Road near the Aliso Canyon Road. There is parking off El Toro Road near the Marguerite Parkway. There is parking at both the Sycamore Park lot and the El Toro Park lot. Additionally there is parking at the ballfield near Woodfield road.

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