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Alinea named world's best restaurant for a third year in a row

Alinea restaurant in Chicago
Alinea restaurant in Chicago

Alinea Restaurant in Chicago has been named “The World’s Best Restaurant” by Elite Traveler which labels itself the “Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine.” The publication’s annual list of “Elite 100” of the world’s best restaurants was reported upon by the Chicago Tribune on Monday afternoon.

Alinea Restaurant is located at 1723 North Halsted Street in Chicago, and it beat out such competition as New York City’s Daniel Restaurant which came in at number two and the United Kingdom’s Fat Duck Restaurant which came in at number three.

Alinea opened on May 4, 2005, and its head chef and owner is Grant Achatz. The restaurant is named from the alinea symbol – the paragraph symbol - which is also the restaurant’s logo. Some of the items listed on their online menu are Steelhead Roe, Oyster Leaf, King Crab, Lobster, Razor Clam, and Woolly Pig.

Alinea has now topped the “Elite 100” list for three years running. Another Chicago restaurant – L2O - ranked on the “Elite 100” at number 62.