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Aliens Colonial Marines Walkthrough

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Welcome to the best online Aliens Colonial Marines Walkthrough! Got Secret Locations and full maps?

Only if you’ve got this guide. Gearbox Studios custom rendered exclusive maps for every mission. They’re awesome and you won’t find them anywhere but here—not even in–game.

The online walkthrough guide has Excellent maps that show the locations of all the collectables like dog tags and legendary weapons. Providing complete descriptions of all the regular weapons AND the legendary weapons all the MP marine loadouts are also listed including upgrades and weapon attachments. In addition all xeno types are also explained. Covering everything in the full singleplayer you will enjoy well documented details along with the item and weapons lists. If you're a big fan of the aliens games then the Aliens Colonial Marines Walkthrough will prove invaluable since it will be a great help finding all those hidden collectables and legendary weapons.

Gamer Opinions:
First off lets talk about being a "canon" aliens experience.

Its decent, aliens colonial marines isn't even about the lore honestly and shouldn't be. I find it hard to nitpick about being "true" to the lore when this game is clearly done well in that regard. Personally I think either super alien nerds are reviewing this or people who have no idea what aliens really is(much less what this game was set up for). I see such unbelievable HYPOCRISY when talking about "lore" and being an "aliens experience", I'm sorry dmc wasn't that great but it gets a 9/10? HUH?!

It says in the title "marine" what do you really expect? Some deep character dev. from a marine? Horror story? Really? How stupid are these reviewers nowadays. It says COLONIAL MARINES for crying out loud.

Secondly lets talk about the scores. Its pathetic that people give this a 2.5, a 4, a 1, it really just shows how ridiculously opinionated they are on reviews.

One month ago DmC got 9/10's despite it being a ridiculously average game. Aliens fits that quota just fine and it gets ratings compared to completely broken games? Have you ever played a 1/10 game? Because aliens actually works, its not broken, and has solid gameplay.

Storyline Update for Aliens: Colonial Marines (warning Spoilers)

Sooooo, the survivor from the "Aliens" movie that is rescued in this game is none other than Cpl Hicks? WHAT?!

That is the most contrived story telling I think I have ever heard of. In the end of Aliens, he escapes with Ripley, Newt, and bishop into hypersleep.

How then does he get back to LV 426? "It was later revealed that Hicks was kidnapped by Weyland-Yutani PMC and brought back to LV-426, where he was tortured for information by Michael Weyland and the company. The body that was cremated was actually a PMC soldier who was either killed or volunteered to die in place of Hicks on Fiorina 161. " If Weyland-Utani some how managed to find the pod drifting through the vastness of space, boarded it, and saw who was on it, why the FU** would they take HICKS' dumb ass, but leave Ripley and Newt. ESPECIALLY Ripley. Who, u know, had a chest burster in her. No, i guess THAT would have been completely uninteresting to WEYLAND UTANI. So, they TAKE hicks, and leave Ripley (w/ chest burster) and newt and set them back adrift. Just plain bizarre and seriously unbelievable plotline, but still fun nonetheless.

So remember if you stuck stumped or frustrated make sure to check out the full and complete Aliens Colonial Marines Walkthrough Strategy Guide Online from GameGuidedog.



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