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Aliens and electronic weapons: Conspiracy theories about Malaysian airplane

What do you think happened to the missing Malaysian airplane?
What do you think happened to the missing Malaysian airplane?

The Malaysian flight 370 has been missing since Friday. There is very little known about the location of the airplane and its passengers or what caused the Malaysian plane to disappear. Because of the lack of information, there are many conspiracy theories. According to a March 11 report by the International Business Times, the conspiracy theories range from the “plausible to outrageous.”

One such conspiracy theory is that aliens abducted the Malaysian flight. According to comment on an article appearing in The Economist, the area is well known for its alien activity and drugs.” The comment continues, suggesting that all “all things” must be considered, no matter how “bizarre” they appear.

Another conspiracy theory is terrorism. That appears to be one of the most plausible reasons the Malaysian airplane is missing. Two stolen passports were used to board the plane. Those stolen passports were used by two Iranian men. Adding a twist to that conspiracy theory is how it is possible the airplane has been landed somewhere in order to be used as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Electronic weapons is another conspiracy theory that is floating around the world. It has been reported that 20 passengers worked for Freescale Semiconductor. That company makes semiconductor chips. It is believed that is is possible those employees “imbedded processors” to jam the radar and other electronics. That, according to the theorists, would make the “plane invisible for air traffic control.”

Mechanical error and pilot involvement are also conspiracy theories surrounding the missing Malaysian airplane. The Boeing 777 is one of the safest planes flying. The reliability of the airplane has been called “impeccable.” The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has conflicting stories being circulated about him. He has been called a “good pilot, very professional.” It has also been reported that he allowed two women inside the cockpit in 2011.

Until more information is available, conspiracy theories will continue to circulate. The lack of information appears to be fueling the imaginations of people around the world. Without having cold, hard facts about the location of the Malaysian airplane and how it got to that location, people will continue to speculate.

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