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'Alien Isolation' will not have microtransactions, says Creative Assembly

'Alien Isolation' will not have microtransactions - Creative Assembly
'Alien Isolation' will not have microtransactions - Creative Assembly

In an Examiner exclusive interview, Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly, gave a succinct "no." when asked if the upcoming tension-focused Alien title will feature any microtransactions.

Court also revealed just how important a role the Ridley Scott film will play in the world of Alien Isolation,

We wanted to capture the pace and atmosphere from the original Alien movie.

"It had such an impact on us," Court continued, "that when given the chance to make an Alien game we leapt at it and knew precisely the approach we wanted to take".

Alien Isolation aims to take the direction that many have been clamoring for, and from impressions thus far, the tone set in trailers thus far, certainly looks to deliver on that promise of claustrophobic terror.

"We didn’t want the Alien to figure in the game as something you just shoot en masse," said Court, "we wanted a proper meaningful scary Alien".

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