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'Alien Isolation' set against 'lo-fi sci-fi' backdrop, Creative Assembly details

'Alien Isolation' developer Creative Assembly details the backdrop and setting players can expect
'Alien Isolation' developer Creative Assembly details the backdrop and setting players can expect
'Alien Isolation' developer Creative Assembly details the backdrop and setting players can expect (photo via

In an Examiner exclusive interview, Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly, described the world that players can expect to survive in when they launch Alien Isolation as "lo-fi sci-fi" and going "beyond the confines of the movie sets".

"We loved Ridley Scott’s 70s vision of the future," Court said of the team's affinity for the classic film, "with the chunky, clunky functional feel to everything".

Players will get to explore the derelict, claustrophobic setting in Alien Isolation as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the Alien film heroine Ellen Ripley, 15 years after the events in the sci-fi staple film.

"The game takes place on Sevastopol which is a large space station in the process of being decommissioned," Court said of the backdrop for Alien Isolation, "As such, the player's journey will take them through many locations and situations".

Sevastopol serves as a once vibrant, now defunct, trading post on the fringes of the unknown upon which players will find themselves alongside other survivors, trying to hold that title as long as possible. Court elaborated on the circumstances Ripley will find herself in on Sevastopol,

The station is in complete chaos, systems are failing, there’s an Alien loose and everyone is fighting to survive. This creates a rich environment with many obstacles for the player to overcome.

Those hoping that the setting and ambiance in Isolation will deliver the Alien experience they've been waiting all these years to experience first hand, should be put at ease knowing the team themselves are fans, and took great care to transpose that to the player experience.

Immersion seems to be a theme behind Alien Isolation, with Court saying that the team's challenge was to go beyond the films settings and set dressings to populate areas with believable clutter and equipment. "[we] decided our world would consist of stuff that could have been made on the original set".

This mindset became the focus of all thought process when viewing a play area during development for the team says Court,

No holograms, no touch panels, instead CRT screens and toggle switches. We used a lot of 70s machinery and tools as reference points when building our sets.

Alien Isolation has yet to receive a solid release date, but is promised as coming in 2014 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC.

Stay tuned to Examiner for more exclusive Alien Isolation coverage.

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