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'Alien: Isolation' is going to be a game that is 'sense driven'

Isolation is coming.
Isolation is coming.

It was only a few weeks back that Alien: Isolation was revealed to be coming to current and next-generation systems, but today we have some more insight as to the pace of the game we will see.

Recently, Alistair Hope, who is the creative head on Alien: Isolation, talked about the type of pacing players will be faced with, as well as how this game is going to be driven.

"Our Alien is sense driven, rather than running under any prescribed paths or patterns it uses sight and sound to hunt the player down. This means that every time you encounter the creature the scenario plays out differently as the Alien reacts to your actions.

"This is the Alien game we wanted to play, to return to the roots of the series and to encounter Ridley Scott's original Alien it felt like an incredible opportunity to create something that we hadn't experienced before," Hope said.

Hope went on to clarify that Alien: Isolation is not going to be an overwhelmingly oppressive game, and admitted players would have "small moments" where they can breath and gather themselves before the next part of the game.

We all know about the debacle that ensued with last year's Alien installment and it looks like this game will be regaining the trust of fans of the series. We haven't been given a release date for Alien: Isolation quite yet, but we do know this game will hit the Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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