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'Alien: Isolation' is 'about scavenging,' says Creative Assembly

Do you have big expectations for Isolation?
Do you have big expectations for Isolation?
Creative Assembly

We know you all are ready to completely forget about that Alien title that came out last year and Creative Assembly is planning on doing it by making Isolation a game that makes you earn your artillery and ammo.

Recently, Alien: Isolation senior designer Gary Napper talked about how they were intentional in not allowing players to have powerful weapons at any one time. They want to make the players feel like they need to sneak around to try and gain more weapons.

"We’re not giving you plasma rifles, launchers and electric guns and stuff like that. It’s about scavenging and finding things you can imagine to be in that environment, small fire arms and stuff you can craft basic rudimentary devices from.

"If you run and make a lot of noise it will find you. You have your flashlight, which is really useful in the dark, but it’s also a beacon that shows you where you are," Napper said.

Isolation is really setting up to be an intriguing game from the standpoint of contrast to last year's installment. This new title seems like it really wants to stay away from running and gunning, as well as letting the player have free reign of the environment.

In what should be a tremendous year for survival-horror, with many new franchises and iterations hitting later in 2014, Alien: Isolation has the opportunity to regain the trust of consumers, and having Creative Assembly working on the game with what seems like due time, things should turn out much better.

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