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'Alien: Isolation' has been under development 'for over three years'

Ready for the next Alien?
Ready for the next Alien?

A lot of next-generation games have turned out to be in development for a long period of time before they are even revealed and it turns out that Alien: Isolation is no different in this regard.

Recently, Alistair Hope, who is the creative boss on Alien: Isolation, talked about what it's been like to be working on this game for over three years and expressed appreciation for the reception the game has received since its unveiling.

"The reaction to the game has been phenomenal. We’ve been working on this game for over three years and that’s a long time to be working under the radar unable to talk about what we’re creating.

"It’s been great for the team to see and hear people’s positive response to the game. It showed that there are a lot of people, like us, who want this Alien experience," Hope said.

This should be music to the ears of Alien fans who have even the slightest hesitation with getting back into the Alien world. This game being under development for three years bodes very, very well for this game and should excite you even more.

Alien: Isolation will be taking a more oppressive approach to its gameplay, but not to a suffocating extent. Players will need to be very careful when working around and approaching enemies and the alien itself.

We do not have a release date yet for Alien: Isolation but it should be hitting next and current generation consoles sometime this year.

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