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Alien: Isolation featuring Xenomorph that reacts to players decisions

It seems as if the makers of Alien: Isolation have found a couple of different ways to set themselves apart from the almost universal dislike of Aliens: Colonial Marines. A report surfacing today indicates that not only will Isolation only be featuring one of the Xenomorph creatures but its AI is going to be souped up in order to actually learn and react from gamers’ decisions.

Alien: Isolation is due to release on October 7

Previous video game interpretations of Ridley Scott’s original Sci-Fi horror epic tend to throw a ton of the Alien beings at people in waves. Isolation is trying to stay more true to the 1979 inspiration by having just one of the creatures as the antagonist.

Due out on October 7, also a tidbit that surfaced this weekend, Alien: Isolation features a creature that not only stalks gamers but will adjust to how they work through the game and the decisions they make throughout.

Alistair Hope talked to the Sony PS blog about the character they created and how his team made it an enemy to be reckoned with.

"Our Alien is dynamic and reactive — it doesn’t run under pre-prescribed paths or scripts. Instead, it uses its senses to hunt the player down. It reacts to the player’s actions and movements. For example: the player can sprint. This obviously allows the player to move through the world faster, but running also generates a lot of noise and that will attract the Alien to the player’s presence."

In Isolation, Hope says that making noise and attracting the Alien is just part of the reactive dynamic.

"Alongside being dynamic, the Alien also adjusts its behavior based on the player’s choices. As the player develops certain abilities through the game, so too will the Alien change its tactics in response. For example, the more you use an item or device, the less effective it will be as the Alien adapts its behavior."

Isolation has apparently earned its name because it will be a test of wills, just you against the Xenomorph in true terrifying isolation. It certainly sounds as though Sega did right by this game and has managed to put the failures of Colonial Marines well behind it.

Of course, Colonial Marines was thought to be a pretty good game, right up until the point in time where people started realizing it wasn’t. Whether this title can deliver will be discovered in the fall.

Alien: Isolation is due out on October 7 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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