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'Alien: Isolation' exclusive: One foe you certainly know, but more you don't

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Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly, made it known that players won't be facing just the titular Alien in the upcoming survival horror title Alien Isolation.

In our Examiner exclusive interview, Court hinted that players aren't the only ones on the Sevastopol trying to survive and evade the Alien,

The Sevastopol itself is a physically dangerous place, one which the player must navigate their way through. Of course, there’s the Alien, but the station is also populated with the remaining inhabitants, also struggling to survive.

Court revealed that players will have to use caution when approaching each and every interaction in Alien Isolation, and may be better off choosing avoidance in some situations.

"How they [inhabitants of Sevastopol] react to events and the player is sometimes positive, sometimes negative," said Court, "This will give the player a massive variety of locations, obstacles and situations to overcome".

Court also dropped a bit of a teaser for players eager to hear more about the game's crafting system and mechanics associated, stating that players can make "various things including weapons". And that the team at Creative Assembly is eager to share details in the upcoming weeks regarding crafting.

If ever it were unclear what the singular focus or aim of Alien Isolation might be, Court ensures that it becomes clear,

The game is very much about the player’s journey as they attempt to survive. The Sevastopol itself is a physically dangerous place, one which the player must navigate their way through.

Alien Isolation emerges from the shadows later in 2014, with a definitive release date announcement hinted for the coming weeks. Isolation will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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