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Alien footage including a being with elongated skull like those in Peru found

There is much skepticism in the UFO field and rightfully so considering the amount of hoaxes and the ease with which one can access movie grade computer generated animation programs but there are cases which are genuine and the video attached includes just some of those cases.

There are arguments as to where these beings come from whether they are intergalactic or interdimensional but UFO expert Jaque Valle came to the conclusion that there is some paranormal phenomenon associated with these sightings and that after years of research stated that these beings are "messengers of deception". They lie about where they are from. They teach some strange alien gospel and promote new age philosophy while at the same time constantly denying the divinity of Jesus Christ. They have spoken against no other beliefs other than the Christian belief that Jesus was the son of God who died on the cross and was resurrected. They claim He is an "ascended master" and just one of many of the kind like Buddha or Krishna. It leaves one to wonder why they are so opposed to the Christian message. See

Its important to note that MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) has found that there is no way to stop the horrifying alien abduction experiences until recently Jordan spoke openly about one way he has learned will halt these attacks. There are over 400 cases of Christians who have stopped the terrifying abductions and invasive medical experimentation and dna harvesting by speaking in the authority of Jesus Christ. In fact, the mention of His name seems to hurt them in some way. They most common type of abductors called "the greys" seem to have a hive-like mentality similar to bees or ants and any action that surprises them seems to cause them all to be confused as if they cannot think for themselves if things don't go as planned.

Enclosed are some real scenes of various alien or interdimensional beings, call them fallen angels, demonic entities or aliens; the point is no matter what they are, they are real and they are here. There is a scene which takes place in Russia of some spider like shadow creature crawling on a high rise building; this was on the news in the former Soviet Union and is not a hoax. See article with video of Russian Prime Minister exposing the truth about governments' involvement with ETs here

The most impressive section of the this video takes place in Asia in which a family follows a landing UFO and zooms in on an occupant which is exiting the craft and this also is not a hoax. The footage is noteworthy because the creature has the elongated skull such as those skeletal remains found in Peru which skeptics stated were from "head binding rituals" except that the entire skull had a different number of sections than that of a human skull and the dna was not found to be of terrestrial origin.

Enjoy the attached video and remember, keep your eyes and your mind open!

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