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Alien buried in Texas, pancake Jesus in Cali, and photo-ghosts

Jesus finds His way to a pancake to surprise a couple who saw it as answer to their prayer the night before
Jesus finds His way to a pancake to surprise a couple who saw it as answer to their prayer the night before
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On Darkness Radio, the show that takes place right before Coast to Coast on Twin Cities News Talk, there were a few ear-grabbing stories. Here we have an alien that reportedly crashed into a wind mill and was buried locally in Aurora, Texas in 1897 and a pancake in the form of Jesus that made the couple who made it assume it's the Lord reaching out to them. Then, on Coast to Coast, Dave Schrader interviewed the author of a book about a man whose house was supposedly inhabited by ghosts, some of which were captured on photos. These can be found on the website.

The Aurora alien crash was covered by UFO Hunters in 2008, UFO Files in 2005, a radio station in Dallas in 1998 (KDFM), and on its Wikipedia page people interested can find a photo of the 1897 newspaper article about this. UFO Files was TV show that covered this incident in 2005 and told about MUFON organization (Mutual UFO Network), that found 2 eyewitnesses to this. One was 15 years old at the time and said the object was moving slowly, like it wasn't working right, but his father demanded he go inside to do chores, so he didn't see the whole thing. The grave site was verified to contain the spaceship by testing for radioactivity. The tombstone used to show the spaceship, but got moved around, as if to keep grave robbers from getting their hands on the exponent.

The Jesus pancake was noticed by Gary and Karen Henderickson of Cowgirl Cafe in Norco, California. They were making a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake that came out with a Jesus image. The couple decide that it was a sign that Karen's prayers for "something good" the day before Good Friday were answered. Gary thinks it's also associated with his brother being diagnosed with cancer a month before. They both believe the good Lord is trying to say something with such unexpected "visit." They have frozen the pancake and plan to take other steps to preserve it.

On Coast to Coast AM, the conversation was more dense. It about ghosts on photos and a man named John Matkowski's experiences over the years. The author interviewed was Joe Augustyn. See more on the Coast to Coast website.