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Alicia Walicke: Wine theft was Alicia's ticket to see jailed lover, did it work?

Mad Dog 20/20
Mad Dog 20/20
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Alicia Walicke is no vintner. Her wine knowledge begins and ends with the price tag. But a $3.99 bottle of cheap wine was all she needed to gain entry to see her jailed lover. Walicke, a Texas woman on a mission, wanted to wine and dine her way into jail. Now that’s some crazy, stupid love.

Reports the Huffington Post: “Alicia Walicke of Cedar Park was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $5,000 bond Friday. Police say Walicke stole a bottle of wine from a gas station Wednesday. An arrest affidavit says police found the woman outside the business and drinking the wine. The affidavit says she told police that she wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier, and told them wanted to go to jail.”

Her selection of wine? Mad Dog 20/20. Her fine wine outlet? A Shell gas station. Not the most urbane choices on a wine drinker’s palate.

Says the Urban Dictionary:

As majestic as the cascading waters of a drain pipe, MD (Mogen David; Mad Dog for short) 20/20 is bottled by the 20/20 wine company in Westfield, New York. This is a good place to start for the street wine rookie… You'll find this beverage as often in a bum's nest as in the rock quarry where the high school kids sneak off to drink. This beverage is likely the most consumed by non-bums, but that doesn't stop any bums from drinking it!

That sounds about right for the 22-year-old Walicke, who was all smiles in her mug shot by the way.

As if this story wasn’t romantic enough, her arrest record showed that Walicke pilfered the rotgut wine because “her boyfriend was arrested earlier that evening and it was her fault, so she wanted to make things right and go to jail,” the warrant said.

WSBTV out of Atlanta commented on a prior charge of Walicke’s, saying she was “previously charged with assault against a public servant in March when she bit a police officer’s arm while officers were trying to restrain her after she became combative when they responded to a call about her making suicidal threats.”

Police said at the time that she was “under the influence of an unknown drug.”

Classy girl. And no, she didn't get to spend any time with her yearned for swain. But rumor has it that the two darlings have a date night set for Arby's when they are released. He has a coupon.

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