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Alicia DiMichele quits 'Mob Wives' on VH1 and heads to court for embezzlement

Alicia DiMichele
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Alicia DiMichele has decided to quit "Mob Wives" on VH1 and won't be coming back for another season. On Thursday, Radar Online shared the news that she is leaving the show. This is going to upset a lot of fans of the series. She actually made the decision three weeks ago but they were able to keep news quiet until now. It is surprising they kept it quiet that long.

She is also dealing with her embezzlement charges right now and went to court on those. Since dealing with charges she has now actually retracted her guilty plea. It looks like a new plea will be happening. She is being accused of pilfering funds from Teamsters Local 282. It is over $2 million she is being accused of taking. Of course she is denying she took that much money.

DiMichele’s attorney John Wallenstein said that it is closer to $20,000 and even offered to repay it. The judge was not okay with it though and actually denied this amount. They are going to have to come up with something better to make this judge happy. It is unknown if they will be able to make a deal or not.

Her fans are really sad to hear that she is leaving. They have been on Twitter all day talking to her and she is retweeting their warm wishes. She also went to Twitter and said, "I'm truly overwhelmed by all of your loving messages and support, u guys are amazing, that's why I know that u are my TRUE fans❤️." She also said "family first." It sounds like that might be part of the reason that she has decided to leave the show. She had to follow her heart and that meant leaving the series.

"Mob Wives" will return to VH1 but it will just be without Alicia DiMichele. They are sad to see her go. More information will continue to keep coming out about her legal issues as they continue.

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