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Alicia DiMichele must stay away from mobsters: ‘Mob Wives’ news

Alicia DiMichele
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Alicia DiMichele’s legal problems have a new twist, and she has been ordered to avoid mobsters. Radar Online reports on Thursday that the reality star is on probation and must follow specific guidelines. She was accused of embezzlement and found guilty, but she will be allowed to talk to her husband.

DiMichele will be on probation for four years, and the courts have created a list of rules she must follow. First, she must not contact or associate with the mob, so her decision to quit the “Mob Wives” reality program in April makes sense. Second, she must avoid drugs and meet with a probation officer. She must also find a new job and pay back the $40,000 that was embezzled.

DiMichele’s husband is already in prison, but the courts have been sympathetic to her situation. Despite his long list of charges, she will be able to see him while on probation. Her husband’s problems ranged from embezzlement to extortion, and DiMichele admitted she helped him. She has shared that she needed therapy during the court case because of the stress.

Although initial reports indicated she would consider another chance on “Mob Wives,” the latest news reveals DiMichele cannot be near other mobsters. It would be difficult for her to avoid them during the reality program, and she may not want to risk losing her probation. However, she may consider other television roles because she is searching for work.

The reality star fought to avoid jail time and seems content with the probation rules. She will be able to continue to raise her children and hopes to set a better example for them in the future. During the court hearings, she admitted to being embarrassed about her involvement in the crimes. DiMichele is celebrating her freedom by participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

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