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Alice Cooper and Motley Crue rock the house in Camden

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It's a safe bet that not too many people that live in Camden NJ were at the Alice Cooper and Motley Crue show last night August 23 2014 in Camden NJ. Most of the crowd was South Jersey and Philly residents. It was billed as the last tour for Crue. However, but, wait, where have we heard that before? The Crue went away before and came back with a different drummer or singer. It may be possible that they will return but it will be a different incarnation of the Crue.

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This tour is a throwback to the 1980's when music was really good, and half the concert experience was hanging in the parking lot before the show. In face, Alice Cooper's guitarist, Ryan Roxie is hosting Roxies Rock N Roll Parking Lot Click on the link to find when it coming to a venue near you. Ryan Roxie, guitarist for Alice Cooper shows up, talks with his fans, poses for pix and signs autographs. For FREE. Forget about over priced VIP experiences that can cost upwards of $1000.00 or more. Last night, at 6:20 p.m he and smoking hot Nita Strauss, Alice's new guitarist made their way into the lobby of the venue where they met fans. It was funny, A few people knew who they were and the rest were oblivious, thinking it was just a bunch of fans posing for photos. It was only about 35 minutes later, as the duo stormed the stage with Cooper did those people know who they were. Boy were they mad at themselves for missing that opportunity.

Cooper stole the show. Period. He did most of his hits and worked the crowd. When he played Dirty Diamonds, he tossed beaded necklaces to the crowd. He put money at the end of a sword and made it fall into the crowd. Of course the money was fake but it would be a cool move for the Coop to put a couple real bills mixed in just for fun. When Cooper first came on scene, he was pegged as disgusting, vile and a bad influence. It was acts like when he had goons on stage put him in a guillotine and cut off his head that now command the greatest applause. Cooper's effects included a 10 foot monster on stage for Feed My Frankenstein. The fans that watched him in the70's and 80's have since grown up to be doctors, business owners and public safety officials , as well as every other career imaginable. So much for being a bad influence. Cooper would be nothing with out his backing band. Newcomer Nita Strauss showed she is a great musician, with awesome stage presence. Did we mention that she is model pretty too?

By 9:00 p.m. Crue took the stage. They had effects too, and they brought most of them to Camden with them. The stage setup was great with the exception of the lighting on Tommy Lee. For 99.9 percent of the show, he was lit from behind, which meant that people could not see him. At all. All you could see was a figure behind the drums. It was horrid. Tommy has a Roller Coaster set up for his drums for the solo. When it was designed, it was designed for venues that have a strong truss roof that can support it. Instead, last night in Camden, only about an 8th of it was able to be setup. That was no fault of the band, the structural integrity of the venue would not support the entire contraption.

During Shout At the Devil, Nikki Sixx shot a flame thrower while playing guitar, which intentionally caught one of the stage props on fire and the upper level of the stage as well. The fire burned through several songs. Confetti dropped from the roof bathed in amber lights created the illusion of sparks coming down on the band. Then there was pyro that could be felt from the back of the hall and gas jets that created heat for those sitting on the lawn.

For the encore, the band walked through the crowd and onto a smaller stage which rose several feet up in the air , giving those on the lawn a front row seat. They billed this as their final tour. If that was true, they should have played material from all of their albums. Not such a select few.

Opening the show was a NY band called The Raskins. They have promise and you should be on the look out fort hem, Before the Crue, went onstage, they had a meet and greet in the venue lobby, for free.