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Alibi by Teri Woods

Alibi by Teri Woods
Alibi by Teri Woods
Grand Central Publishing

Teri Woods latest novel is a prime example of too many ideas and not enough focus. By all standards, Alibi is a decent street novel. It has the violence, deception, strippers, drug dealers, murder, and a naive woman named Daisy Mae Fothergrill. Daisy is a prostitute and stripper at the Honey Dipper "massage parlor" in 1986 Philadelphia, who has fallen on hard time and becomes an alibi for mass murderer Nard. The only problem is Daisy was paid to give an alibi with no clear information on the case or the man and the alibi falls through.

That's good enough. But when we get to Reggie, the con man who manipulates Daisy into thinking they're getting married and leaves her, then cashes fradulent checks into her account. He's there one day and the next he's gone. He's only mentioned a few more times. I would have liked more elaboration on that and maybe a paragraph from Reggie in his own words.

Another part I would have liked more elaboration on is the rape between Sticks, the man paying Daisy for the alibi, Daisy and Trixie. All we know is that they were drugged and raped but that's it. I feel like Woods does the climax then leaves the story line alone. That loses alot of readers.

Daisy is a sympathetic character because she's naive. When you read the story, you want to scream: "No Daisy, don't do it." Other than that, the novel is average.