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Ali Vincent inspires fans in Houston

Ali at Famous Footwear with fan Traci Binion
Ali at Famous Footwear with fan Traci Binion

The Biggest Loser winner, Ali Vincent, made an impression in Houston while promoting Famous Footwear’s Mind, Body, Sole message. Ali’s personality and attitude toward life is contagious as she tours the country, inspiring people to begin their own journey toward good health.

Ali Vincent, The First Female Biggest Loser, is a hit at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX
Photo courtesy of Tracy Binion

The following excerpt is from an interview with fan, Traci Binion, who had the pleasure of meeting Ali at Famous Footwear in Memorial City Mall for a Mind, Body, Sole “meet and greet” and mall walk which included Ali’s own Biggest Loser challenges:

I arrived at the mall from Arlington, Texas about 11:45 am, and was the first to meet Ali. I saw her, she asked me if I was there for the walk, and I cried. Ever since she won season 5 of The Biggest Loser she has been an inspiration in my life and in the lives of many women. Due to a series of events, I did not think I was going to make it out. I don't have a car and it was hard to find someone to bring me. However, my friend, Kim, was kind enough to bring me out because she knew how much meeting Ali meant to me.

We did about a 30 minute walk around the mall and during that time I got a chance to chat with Ali one on one. I shared with her about my struggles with losing weight…I have been in 3 car accidents, none of which were my fault; but due to my injuries, I wanted to give up on my weight loss goals. She told me that I am strong and just need to keep doing what I am doing...that I have the strength inside me. I also shared with her how I don't have a car or a job, and I have to sometimes get food from a food bank. It took everything I had just for me to come out to meet her.   My friend and I didn't even eat that day because all the money I had went to gas. That is how much it meant for me to meet her. She told me I am doing the right things and to just watch my portion sizes. She said that it is a mental struggle and we have to put things behind us, that we have the ability to choose how we are going to live everyday, and we have to start out choosing to believe we can do it. Don't give up! Even if it is just one little thing at a time. She shared that she couldn't even do a minute on a treadmill at first.

Although I was able to keep up with her for a good part of the mall walk, she kept telling me and other walkers to push just a little harder than before. Her walking pace was about how fast I run! She walks so fast!

During the walk we had two challenges. The first was a jumping jack challenge about half way through. The first person to get to 50 jumping jacks won a prize (a gift card to Famous Footwear). We continued on the walk for about another 15 minutes, and were presented with the second challenge. (It almost felt like we were on the Biggest Loser with all the challenges.) This one was a wall squat contest. The person who held the squat the longest was the winner. We had some competitive people to say the least. We all did a great job and it lasted almost 5 minutes. I came in second to last with a time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds; then I fell down and couldn't get back up. That is symbolic of how I feel in life sometimes with weight loss. Ali helped me up and helped me stretch after that. She said, “Look how you kept on going after the wall sit challenge? You can do it!” I wanted to quit before the mall walk was over but she reminded me not to give up. She said that I can "Believe it, Be it".   

Her last challenge was a quiz about The Biggest Loser, the Mind, Body, Sole tour and herself. She ended the session with signing autographs, giving us an inspirational talk and handing out a shopping bag with a coupon to Famous Footwear. It was absolutely amazing to meet her! I did not want to drive back after that, but like she said, we all have the power and we can believe it and be it for ourselves.”  (Tracy Binion)

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