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Ali Ramsaier to release Kickstarter-funded debut EP

Ali Ramsaier
Ali Ramsaier
Ali Ramsaier

With the help of a loyal community of friends, family and fellow performers, songstress Ali Ramsaier will be releasing her debut EP this year. Ramsaier is proof that sometimes the greatest struggles simply propel those with vision forward rather than hinder them. She lost her father in October last year, and while the loss of anyone's father would be heartbreaking, he was also one of her biggest fans and most treasured supporters. But Ramsaier knew the greatest tribute she could pay him would be to continue with her dreams.

After regrouping, Ramsaier has moved forward with her debut EP, dedicated to her father. The debut EP will feature five original collaborations and is bring produced by Ryan Snow of Big Snow Entertainment. Snow's success with fledgling songwriters such as Brittany Young and Lauren Matthews, as well an explosive solo career instills a confidence in what was already sure to be a dynamic record. In fact, Ramsaier and Snow have already proven their creative synchronicity with a well-received recording of "White Christmas", which was released last year.

To help fund the recording, Ramsaier has a Kickstarter campaign. All of the proceeds will go to the production of the 5-song EP, with any additional funds going towards adding additional songs. There are many great incentives for backers, ranging from digital downloads to a dinner party with the Ramsaiers!

As of this publication, Ramsaier has raised 62% of her $12,500 goal, with 17 days to go. With Kickstarter campaigns it is imperative to raise as much as possible- if the goal is not reached within the time limit, no funds are received. Be sure to check out Ramsaier's Facebook page as well as the Big Snow Entertainment page for updates on Ali Ramsaier and her musical journey.