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Ali Fedotowsky raves about new relationship with Kevin Manno

Ali Fedotowsky
Getty Images

Ali Fedotowsky may have not ended up with the man she fell in love with on "The Bachelorette" but things are going great for her now. On Friday, she went to her Instagram page to share a picture of her new boyfriend Kevin Manno and even ended up responding to fans about how great things are going for them. It looks like she has found happiness.

In this picture, she has one of herself with binoculars and another of Kevin swimming. She is simply teasing that she is a creeper. In the comments, someone told her how Kevin always talks about her on the radio like he is the best thing to happen to her. It is great to hear how things are going for her. Ali is really happy with Kevin and always has a smile on her face when they are together.

After reading this comment, Ali responded saying "Awwww thanks. But HE'S the best thing that happened to me!" It is obvious that she has great things to say about Kevin and he makes her really happy. She also shared another post on Twitter that is just a picture of the two of them together. She said that it is not work for her because she gets to work with her best friend. That is great news that she feels that way.

Ali Fedotowsky is watching the new season of "The Bachelorette" 2014 with Andi Dorfman. She has shared that she is watching the show and enjoying it. It is nice to know that she has stayed a fan of the show. Roberto and Ali have both moved on but it looks like it was for the best because both of them are happy in their new relationships. Being on the show has helped her to have an amazing career and things are going great for her now.

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