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Ali Fedotowsky brings stray pup home from Sochi as rescue efforts continue

One of the many stray dogs in Sochi that need forever homes.
One of the many stray dogs in Sochi that need forever homes.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

It looks like more Sochi dogs will be finding a new home here in the U.S. A couple of athletes have brought a few of them home and now another familiar face is stepping up to help these cute pooches. According to People on Feb, 21. former “BacheloretteAli Fedotowsky has followed suit and is headed back to the States with an adorable puppy by her side.

Fedotowsky has been in Sochi covering the Olympics for E! News and she is also an animal lover. She has been tweeting on how hungry the homeless dogs are and she has taken it upon herself to feed them in the streets while she was there.

The stray pups have been in the news ever since it was reported that they have been roaming the streets near the Olympic buildings and authorities had started exterminating them. A couple of Olympians, skier Gus Kenworthy and snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis, fell in love with a few of the dogs and started the ball rolling in bringing them back to the U.S.

Ali Fedotowsky has now joined in the efforts to find these canines their forever homes. She took to her Twitter to write her excitement about one of the sweet pups she had in hand.

"Got this little gal at a Sochi shelter. On my way to the vet to get her health certificate and passport so I can hopefully bring her back to the USA to be adopted," the 29-year-old reality star wrote. "I can't save them all, but I know someone in the states would love to have this little sweetheart!!!"

Even one of her colleague's was shown loving on a Sochi dog as they were flying home together. It looks like the rescue efforts are continuing to grow.

A woman named Vlada Provotorova has set up a shelter in Sochi making an effort to save these homeless dogs. They are taking donations and are also willing to work with anyone in Russia or here in the states to find good homes for the dogs.

However, there are many dogs here in the Unites States that are also looking for a loving home to live forever in. No matter where you rescue a pet from, they all need our help to get them out of the shelters and into a home where they are loved and cared for like they deserve.

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